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One soap that does it all. Hands, body, hair, dishes, laundry and more. Gentle Yet Potent All Natural Made Here in Austin By Hand For Your Hands If a soap can change your life, then this is it. If it doesn’t work, or you don’t like it for any reason, then simply let us know, and we will take it back for complete money back. Peace, Not Chemicals

Dispensing Bottle Color
About this option

What? Now you can match the color of your soap dispenser with the decor of your kitchen and bathroom and get on the good side of the home fashion police? Whoa - that’s huge!

Our beautifully shaped, practical glass soap dispenser bottle comes in 9 colors (while supplies last). Go ahead, close your eyes, imagine which one goes best with your interior, and go with it. To be clear, there’s always Clear as an option.

Note: The dispensing bottle is yours to keep. Please only return the refill bottle when getting a new refill. How trashlessly fashionable is that?!

Net vol.: 8 oz

Delivery from Jun 13, 2020

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