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Description: Avocados can do no wrong, especially paired with fibrous blackberries. We would recommend a coconut water base to give this smoothie an even smoother taste. A boost of Gotu Kola is known to improve your thinking ability and blood circulation. Ingredients: Avocado*, Blackberries*, Kale*, Agave Nectar, Lemon Juice, Gotu Kola, Hemp Protein *Grown in the state of Texas


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OS Tips and Tricks:

-Too much liquid base will make your smoothie watery, so always start with a smaller portion if you want a thicker smoothie. Ice gives you a thicker consistency but will dilute the flavor, but if you like a frothier smoothie ice is your best friend. 

-Rule of thumb is to add your desired liquid base to the top of your glass jar before putting it in your blender.

-Dates and Agave Nectar make your smoothies sweeter without adding calories.

-Fruit juices, coconut water, milk or dairy free milk are all great additions to our smoothie kits.

-Only blend for 45-60 seconds or your smoothie will be tooo smooth.

-Want to make your smoothies last a bit longer? Feel free to put them in the freezer if you're not going to blend n' slurp right away. They may not be as fresh but they will taste just as good.

Farmers that made your smoothie kits possible: Crawford Orchard, Idalou, TX, G&S Groves, McAllen TX, Village Farms, Marfa, TX, Patty’s Herbs, Pearsall, TX, Lightsey Farms, Mexia, TX, Makewood Plantation, Huntsville, TX, Joe's Microgreens, Austin, TX



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