Loconomy: Where Local Food´╗┐ Economies Thrive


Loconomy is a marketplace and technology platform that brings together farmers, distributors, food artisans, food service establishments and consumers, resulting in greater market transparency, seamless digital transactions, more effective communications and higher efficiency in operations and logistics.

Loconomy's mission: Help local food economies prosper and grow.

Something’s seriously wrong with how we eat

Unsustainable big food chains cause a third of global greenhouse gas emissions - because of monoculture, use of fertilizers, plastic packaging and long distance transportation. 

A shocking 40% of food grown or raised is wasted between the farm and your table. 

Mass production has resulted in compromises in nutrition, freshness, safety and taste. 

Local Food is Better

Local food is environmentally sustainable, thanks to polyculture, organic farming methods, limited plastic packaging and shorter distance to market. 

It is superior in quality - nutritional value, freshness, taste and even color. 

And local food is produced by, well locals - people who live in your community. When you support your loconomy, you are helping your community. 

But Local is Suffering 

Local is expensive: In perception or reality. And that hurts its competitiveness, making it hard to go mainstream. 

Local lacks awareness: Most people don’t know the difference - so they are blind to it. 

Local is inconvenient: From discovering products to buying to having it delivered - there’s pain. 

Local is inefficient: Compared to big ag, big food and big grocery chains, local food has suffered from lack of technological innovation. 

Result: Local food is a small portion of the food market.

Enter Loconomy 

Custom built, best in class online marketplace and technology platform, in service of local economies everywhere. 

Loconomy aims to level the playing field for participants in local ecosystems to better compete with the big national and international food companies. 

The Loconomy platform spans: 


Seamless multi-seller eCommerce marketplace, crafted from ground up for hyper local economies. Store fronts with seller defined product options, delivery windows, subscription options, reward programs, wallets, payments and more. 


Interactive product displays, powerful customer relationship management capabilities, seller-driven customer support features, content publishing, social media integration, powerful recipe authoring and publishing tools. 


Integrated suite of technologies that enable local producers and distributors to run their business efficiently - inside out. Inventory, orders, drivers and delivery management; routing, navigation and tracking; payments and analytics - all in one place - both for sellers and their customers.